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Online service for recruitment AIHR is equally profitable both for applicants and HR-managers.

We had a task to develop the system which would automatically select relevant resumes for open vacancies and show the list of positions matching search criteria to the applicant. This is the “intellectual part” of application, in development we have used elements of “machine learning”: service independently processes thousands of resumes, explores the entered data, analyses the coincidence and displays the result in the ranking list from most to least relevant options.
We developed AIHR with the expectation of large companies with business in several cities. For ease of use, we have added a search filter for candidates by city and vacancy. The employer can create several companies in his account, and also open and close vacancies without re-filling the information.
For the CVs you like there was added a "Favorites" tab to the employer's personal account. Thus, the recruiter has access to the questionnaires that have passed the initial stage of selection and works directly with them.
Such a service needs an efficient data processing mechanism. We have combined object-relational and network types of databases, and also smart caching. As a result: the system uses dozens of servers to calculate the matches of resumes and vacancies without affection on the resource performance.
Another feature of AIHR is testing potential candidates with a chatbot. A recruiter can choose the resume of an applicant from a ranked list, and send him an invitation to test in WhatsApp. Test structure and questions are set by service administrators. Test results are available for viewing in the recruiter's personal account.
We had a task of providing data download in pdf, which was successfully resolved. Now the recruiter can save or print the liked candidate's resume directly from the browser.

A job seeker no longer needs to look through dozens of ads on job search resources: just create an account on AIHR and fill out a resume on the site. The system processes the received data and displays a list of relevant vacancies in the personal account.
AIHR is an innovative tool for searching and recruiting personnel. The service is equally profitable and convenient to use for both the applicants and the HR managers. AIHR significantly reduces the time finding a job and selecting candidates for a position by automatically processing thousands of resumes and open positions.
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