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Final Result
FoxPizza is a high-tech online pizza ingredient constructor.
We used powerful modern technologies for development and brought the speed of work with the base to the maximum.
This project is designed for high loads and millions of visits per month.
Users can add, delete, change the number of ingredients on the site, see the history of orders in own account.
The project has implemented a system of bonuses and cashback for regular customers.
FOXPIZZA Constructor
In accordance with the next task, it was developed from scratch a unique control panel for the business owner, where administrators can create and edit ingredients, change their weight and cost.
The dynamically tuned mechanism allows you to fully manage the assortment and change it at your discretion, add photos, descriptions, etc.
Ease of using the service on the businessman’s side was important to the client, so we developed the owner’s personal account as simple and straightforward as possible, adding new ingredients takes only a couple of minutes.
An intelligent analysis module was also implemented to predict the necessary purchases based on the popularity of the ingredients.
FoxPizza Machine Learning
We've implemented a system for "likes" to
increase the interactivity of the service and customer loyalty.
The client can add to his favorites the pizza he created or the individual ingredients.
We used Machine Learning to develop an algorithm for selecting ingredients for the user based on his previous preferences.
Despite the use of sophisticated technology in development,
FoxPizza is very easy to use and meets all the canons of competent usability.
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