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Web-service for monitoring sites

InCheck technologies

Final Result
Incheck is a service for monitoring sites.
The client's task was in developing of high-loaded project that can process tens of thousands of requests per second. To reach this we used our own server load balancing algorithms with the ability to predict future loads and intelligently analyze page performance. We add or reduce the load on the system, which guarantees a high degree of high load.
INCHECK, Notifications
The next task was to create an uninterrupted communication system.
We used several solutions for integration with the most popular notification platforms (instant messengers, mail, mobiles). We split them into separate microservices in order to guarantee system fault tolerance in the event of a failure of one of the platforms, as well as for the ability to independently manage notification channels.
INCHECK, Statistics
Our client needed an effective mechanism for processing extensive statistics, the loading of which wouldn't affect the speed and productivity of the resource. We successfully completed this task by using a hybrid of object-relational and network database types, as well as replication, partitioning, and intelligent caching to achieve high-speed performance in processing dozens of terabytes of data. All statistics are instantly displayed in the convenient Incheck interface.
INCHECK, SEO-optimization
As the requirements of search engines are constantly changing, our client wanted to get a custom mechanism for monitoring SEO. We've developed a unique system that allows dynamically add an unlimited number of new algorithms for SEO-checking, which are clearly correlated with updates from Google and other search engines.
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