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for finding promotions and news in entertainment venues

JetFox technologies

Final Result
JetFox is a service for finding promotions and news in entertainment venues. Our team was faced with the task of developing a project that would be convenient for both business owners who want to place their facilities on this site and potential customers. We’ve created a convenient and colorful catalog that is designed for two groups of users: business owners who use the resource to manage facilities and users who are in search of profitable offers.
JETFOX Dashboard
In accordance with the first task, a unique control panel for the business owner was developed from scratch, where they can create and edit promotions, special offers, and new items.
One owner has the ability to add multiple establishments. The dynamically tuned mechanism allows you to completely manage the content of the promotions and change them as you wish, add photos, determine the duration of the promotion, etc.
Ease of using the service on the businessman’s side was important to our client, so we developed the owner’s personal account as simple and straightforward as possible, adding a new promotion takes only a couple of minutes.
We've implemented a system for "likes" to increase the interactivity of the service and customer loyalty. We used Machine Learning to develop a stock selection algorithm for the user based on his preferences.
A filter system has also been developed that will satisfy the search queries of any client.
JETFOX Statistics
We've implemented an archive of promotions and novelties for each entertainment venue that is searchable.
Also, the owner of the business can see full statistics for the selected time period. Downloading even extensive statistics doesn't affect the speed and performance of a resource. We achieved this by using a hybrid of object-relational and network database types and intelligent caching to achieve high performance in the data processing.
The JetFox project is developed for high loads and for millions of visits per month. We coped with this task, thanks to well-implemented site architecture, the use of our own server load balancing algorithms, as well as intelligent page performance analysis.
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