Lushof service

New Level of Tendering
We had such
development tasks:
  • To create control panel for site administrator to moderate users
  • To ensure the safety of the database and protection from unauthorized access
  • To integrate the tables in .xlsx format for the ability to auto complete the information about tender
  • To develop a chat page for direct communication between creator of tender and contractor


Lushof solves the professional needs of tenders’ creators in the construction industry and allows the contractors to enter price offers directly into the tender table of volumes. As a result, each tender creator can compare the contractors’ price offers for items of interest. Automatic definition of the cheapest offer allows tender creators to see real prices and analyze the cost of the object, at the same time, contractors get the opportunity to declare themselves and make their brand more recognizable.
The service is developed for holding tenders for all categories of construction in all regions and cities of Estonia. For ease of use, we have added filters by city, category, stage of the project and the form of the company's activity. We have developed a convenient and intuitive interface, which includes all the necessary functionality. Each creator or tenderer can add up several people to his team, which also simplifies the search for tenders / contractors.

Surely, such an extensive project as Lushof couldn't be developed without integration with third-party services. The table of volumes (the main element of the portal) can be complete manually or by downloading a ready-made table in .xlsx format. Data from the uploaded table is automatically inserted into the table of volumes on the site and becomes available for editing. Lushof focuses on the authenticity of the provided information, each user is moderated. The Twilio service was integrated into the portal for checking the user's phone number.

The use of the service is absolutely free for the contractors, the tenders' creators will pay for portal services at the end of the trial period. We have connected the Stripe payment system for fast, convenient, and most importantly secure money transfers.
Our business analysts were actively involved in the development of the portal: deeply analyzed the niche and delved into the problems of working with tenders. Thanks to the accumulated experience and an integrated approach to analysis, we managed to create all the necessary tools for portal users. At the same time, we have retained an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making the Lushof service accessible and understandable to users of all levels.
One of the project tasks was to develop a chat for communication between tenders' creators and contractors. Thanks to the “talk” page, the creators and contractors can solve technical issues without exchanging contacts. This function has a beneficial effect on cooperation, makes it more promising and trustworthy.
Online service Lushof is a new level of tendering in the Estonian construction market. Lushof is a high-quality, convenient portal for searching and creating tenders with the ability of the users' communication, downloading ready-made Microsoft Excel tables and automatically sorting the offered prices.
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