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OkeyHotel is a modern automated hotel management system, the main goal of which is to combine all the hotel management tools in one solution, as well as increase customer loyalty. A unified management interface includes booking management, customer and personnel management, room fund management, communication channel management, and tariff management.
We were tasked with creating a dashboard-calendar with a convenient and simple interface. OkeyHotel’s interactive dynamic booking calendar was developed by our company from scratch. We conducted a poll and took into account the
feedback of hundreds of hoteliers to create a convenient and intuitive dashboard. The system saves all adjustments for reservations, the possibility of transferring reservation from one room to another is implemented. The dynamically tuned mechanism allows control of a load of rooms, change rates, develop a system of discounts.
An intelligent analysis module was also implemented to predict the future traffic of the hotel in accordance with the visit history.
In accordance with the next task, an embeddable online booking form was developed. We have implemented a universal integration mechanism with any sites, which is designed for high loads and is capable of processing tens of thousands of requests per second. A unique algorithm for quick “smart” search by available numbers was developed. The booking module displays up-to-date information about available rooms, rates, special offers, provides the ability to select offers for precisely specified dates and date ranges.
OKEYHOTEL database
The client needed a reliable database. The CRM developed by us in accordance with this task not only reliably stores information but also allows for quick search and filtering of the database. We have implemented an archive of occupancy numbers by which you can search, as well as displaying complete statistics for the selected time period. In order to increase customer loyalty, a user alert module was introduced. All alerts are flexibly configured by the hotelier (you can select communication channels, change the contents of the message, etc).
The next task was to develop feedback parser from different platforms. We have implemented a parser aggregator based on asynchronous requests, which in real-time crawls sites and collects reviews. The collected reviews are stored in the database, they can be moderated in the admin panel.
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