A framework is a set of components that help you develop websites quickly and easily.

Actually, this framework is a code library that helps the developer to build reliable, easily scalable and supported web applications. Django is the most popular of the wide variety of frameworks available for developers writing in Python.

However, there's one limitation: some things can be done in one and only one way. You can replace certain modules, but still some internal functionality should remain unchanged. Basically, this is quite good for 95% of projects and keeps a lot of time, money and effort during development, because you have all the solutions you need right "out of the box".

Some Facts About Django:

  • The first version of Django was released in November 2005.

  • The approximate cost of the project is $ 7 million.

  • Facebook, Bitbucket, Pinterest, Instagram use Django framework and functionality.

  • The community exceeds 1200 developers.

  • On Github it has more than 28 thousand stars; for its updates are monitored by more than one and a half thousand users.

  • Help documentation for Django is very well structured and detailed.

  • Django ORM allows fast switching between various relational databases.