We collected the TOP-10 most common mistakes of beginning online-marketers.

1. The sender's name is invisible

The subscriber must understand who wrote this letter in order to open it.

That is, the sender's name must be the name of your company. Otherwise, the message will look like spam.

2. Title that misleads

Not bad, when the title is intriguing. But more than enough is too much.

It will be a mistake to promise in the title of something that isn't in the letter. This will only undermine your trust, so your next letter will be ignored or sent to spam.

It's better to sacrifice a few clicks than the reputation of the brand.

3. Aim for instant sales

Subscriber won't make a deal with you just because you sent him a letter with five buttons "Buy!". And the sixth will not increase your chances. It's a spam, but not an email marketing.

E-marketing is the gradual building of relationships.

To earn trust, you need to give the subscriber something valuable in return. For example - useful and interesting content.

4. Too many calls to action

Don't force subscribers to puzzle over what you're still trying to achieve from them. Ideally, one letter is one target action.

5. Letter without text

First, such a letter won't miss most spam filters.

Secondly, if in the settings the display of images is disabled, client will see an "empty" letter.

And thirdly, such letters are difficult to adapt for mobile devices - most likely, they will be displayed incorrectly.

6. Letter without images

Practice shows that the picture is clicked much more often than the text link. Therefore, use at least one image in each letter!

7. There's no possibility to unsubscribe

There must be a link, by clicking on which the user will stop receiving emails from you in each letter.

This is not only a sign of respect for the subscriber. If he doesn't find such a link, he'll simply complain about spam.

And your letters will stop falling into the Inbox very soon.

8. Obtrusiveness

Sending promotions to one and the same subscriber more than once a week is bad taste. Be patient!

The average user receives dozens of marketing messages a day. If you still think that one letter a week is too little - ask him to determine how often he wants to "hear" you. It will be an ideal option.

9. Non-updating subscriber base

Even if you collect contacts according to all rules, the database eventually loses relevance - people are no longer interested in your topic, they change e-addresses, etc.

If the subscriber doesn't open your letters for a sufficiently long time, you should unsubscribe him. If reports on technical errors come to some addresses, you also need to delete these addresses.

10. Newsletter without testing

Before you start the mailing, you need to test absolutely everything in it! Check how the email will look on different devices and in different email clients. Make sure that all links work and lead where you want. And do not forget about literacy!

Good luck in creating your first mailing!