But certain mistakes in the promotion can lead to the fact that Google will ignore you. We share experience, how to avoid this:


Write for people

In selecting keywords, there're a lot of "clumsy" requests (with errors or inaccuracies). But in any case, don't write for the search engine! Create high-quality content! Otherwise, you risk losing both client and the "position" of your site.

Links should be in the subject

Search engines are able to recognize the importance of your link for the user. If the client doesn't see the linkage of this link to his request, Google doesn't see it either. So make sure that the inquiries that connect your links are in the subject and carry the needed information for the client.

Upgrade your website

If you run a resource and forgot about it, your "positions" will quickly poison down. Add content, play promotions, improve the site - only then you will receive long-awaited orders and improve the conversion.

Correct mistakes

Duplicate pages, hang, slow site load, extra information - all this affects the website promotion in search engines. Be sure to correct the mistakes of your resource, because by this you're pushing away your clients and lose chance to advance in the search engine with a vengeance.