It's no longer enough to simply have a website to achieve success and conduct business through the Internet. It's necessary to make it convenient and useful for visitors.

The first user's impression when visiting a site is a picture, and only after the general vision is formed, he'll seek to find what he came for. In order not to lose the visitor during the first interaction, evaluate the following points on your website:

1. Site load speed

This indicator affects not only the user factor, it's also one of the most important factors of the site ranking in the search engines. If the site's page is loaded for more than 5 seconds, you should think about its optimization. Now everyone is used to high speed, fast internet and appreciate their time, so the search for information should take a minimum of time.

2. Smart design

Evaluate, can you understand from the pictures and graphics on the site, what is your company selling or what services does it provide? Please also note that the most significant content should be on the top of the site - on the first screen without scrolling down.

3. The value of the content

Will the user find what he was looking for? There should be meaningful and useful information: a catalog, a description of the service, advantages, cost, guarantees on commercial sites selling products or services. Pay attention to the visual presentation of information: the text size, font and color: it should be large enough and contrast with the background color.

4. Site Adaptability

Convenient display of a site on mobile devices is already the fact of a reality which is required for a modern site. Appreciate whether it's convenient for you to use your site on a tablet and a smartphone, is it necessary to adapt it or create a mobile version.

5. Convenience of navigation

Does your website comply with the rule of three clicks: from the main page to the product card, the visitor should not get more than 3 clicks. Competently built navigation is 50% success in the promotion of the site. Convenient menu, filters for large quantities of goods, the ability to sort - all these factors help to stay a visitor on the site and find what he wants.