The reasons why employers prefer outsourcing of specialists:

Lack of competence of the head in this or that area doesn't allow to independently establish and control certain processes. And it's normal.

Collaboration with third-party high-level specialists gives your business a competitive advantage. A compromise is built up on the terms of outsourcing, and the principle of "price-quality" is visually realized. No matter how you try to attract a "star" to wages, often this is an unacceptable luxury for the company.

Outsourcing is justified if its cost is 15-20% less than the salary of a full-time employee. When the need for a specialist is obvious, simple arithmetic begins to calculate the starting and monthly costs. For a new employee, it is necessary to take into account the costs of renting a room and equipment of the workplace, installing software, the costs of taxation of wages, payment for leave, sick leave sheets.

Outsourcing VS Staff

So how to choose between outsourcing and staffing? Let's think together.


In terms of costs, outsourcing is justified, if its cost 15-20% less than the salary of a full-time employee.


Most likely, a full-time employee will react and carry out the task more quickly.


It's difficult to decide who will be more responsible - an outsource employee or a full-time employee. Everything depends on the terms of the contract.

Human factor

Employee "on salary" enjoys social protection. Being on sick leave, he has the legal right not to interrupt treatment due to an urgent job. But a freelancer rarely allows himself to risk the customer loyalty. So if you use the services of an outsourcing company, the human factor is completely excluded.


It's no secret that a third-party specialist often works with several clients. Professional horizons, communications, and experience in different industries help him to find a solution faster and more efficiently in unusual situations.


The employee on outsourcing performs the tasks prescribed in the contract. The staff member can be loaded with the solution of "freelance" tasks.

Some tips for novice reformers

So, the decision to transfer individual business processes to the hands of third-party specialists is accepted.

Begin choosing a counterparty for outsourcing with one-off consultations. Pay attention to the attitude, efficiency, attention to the details. Ask for recommendations and feedback from customers.

Conclude the first trial contract for 2-3 months. At the end of this period, discuss the situation with the volume and specificity of the work. It'll give an understanding to both parties and will allow you to adjust the price for further maintenance.

So, there's no real difficulty!

Yes, the outsourcing isn't a 21st-century technology.

But now we are able to hire a remote employee from anywhere else on the planet. Agree - an amazing time of unlimited possibilities!