What kind of visitors do you need?

There're two types of site visitors: passers-by and clients. Passers-by come to your site once and by accident. Clients are passers-by whom you could interested. They're ready to come back to you again and again, watch the published information and buy what you are offering them.

You don't need passers-by, but clients

To search for them, a company can start advertising itself on the Internet, do SEO-promotion of its site. But, if you try to optimize each article for search queries by writing "empty" texts with a simple set of key phrases, you will attract only random passers-by.

How to "attract" clients to the site

All the texts that you post should be relevant, original and unique. It's sufficient to follow certain rules when drafting them.

The Rules of content complitation

  • Write interesting. You should briefly and most interestingly convey the essence of the proposal to the client. What you write about, what you want from the client and why he needs it - all this should be clear when reading the material. Avoid template phrases and in no case copy other people's texts.

  • The texts should be comfortable. To perceive a continious text is very difficult. If the material is large enough, your page will simply be closed. Use indenting, highlight the main and divide the texts by headings on the principle of "one thought - one headline". So, even with a quick perusal, the customer may be interested in your offer.

  • Check the completeness of the information. That placed on the page should be sufficient to make a decision or commit an action. For example, you offer a product, but don't give further instructions. Put the client before the fact - "Are you interested? Take it ", for this you place on the page contact information, feedback form, basket - any element that can motivate the user to spontaneous purchase.

  • Focus on emotions. Materials should be submitted colorfully, dynamically, neatly. Use visual techniques: color design, photos, graphics - all these will dilute the text information and help the client to better perceive it. Observe the unity of fonts and design. Think about which image will be most effective for your target audience. 

Be as open as possible, then clients will trust you. Only then you'll get the effect of your publications

Another important point in the maintenance of a website is the formation of the company's image. Yes, you offer the product, it can solve all the needs of the client, but if he can't trust you, there's no cooperation.

Make sure you write about yourself. And not empty words. Tell client information about who you are and why you can be trusted: briefly, on the case, with the facts. Are you an official company? Show license! Do you think you better than others? Tell about successful projects that will prove your words.