What to do if your site is seen but orders don't go?

Take a good look at your website and service from the outside. Can you misrepresent the goods or not so communicate with clients? We'll tell you what you need to do to stop client turnover:Fulfil the expectations

If you've promised something to the client, then you have to do it. A deceived client is a lost client. Therefore, it's better to promise a little less than you can afford.

Provide a high level of service

People quickly forget the negative experience, so your task isn't to give the slightest excuse for this. You should be interested in solving the problems of your clients.

Appreciate every client

Show your visitors that you remember and take care of them: encourage them, motivate them to repeat "cooperation." This can be achieved through various systems of discounts and bonuses.

Work with "former" clients

Striving to expand the client base is good. But never forget about your existing, but inactive clients. Repeated cooperation is an easier way to increase your income.