Generating advanced ideas and introducing innovative solutions

Advanced ideas have much more weight than articles, books, speeches or awards: they become a resource for other companies in your field of activity.


Therefore, today many companies help their clients to become sources of information materials for well-known sites.

"Market value of the brand"

The company's significance today is measured not only by its popularity, but also by the effect that this popularity has on sales and lidogeneration.

In any case, if your company is mentioned in thematic articles it helps to strengthen the position of your brand in the market and attract new investors.

"Proof of social importance" of the company

All you need to do is to place your customers' logos, for example, place them in the footer of each page of the site, or in a special section of the landing page. And then you'll see an increase in conversion.


By placing an article of rather specific, "narrowly focused" themes on a well-known respected resource, you can attract really interested customers to your site.


Make sure that all employees know when and in what sources your company is mentioned. You can, for example, report about this in the company newsletter or share such an article in your group on social networks or in a corporate blog. Whichever way you build your PR campaign, all of the above ideas will help you get the most positive effect from your efforts.