And if search engines mercilessly punish for non-unique content, then the template sites, it seems, live and well. And so why then pay more for a unique development?

And the truth is, there are cases when it's possible to dispense with a template site. For example, if you just need to show your portfolio somewhere, or you want to have a personal blog or website for other non-commercial purposes. 

But website for business should be with an individual design. Why? Because design isn't just picture.

This is a full-fledged packaging of your online business. And this package should:

  • attract attention;

  • advantageous distinguish you from others;

  • give information;

  • be visually pleasing;

  • transfer corporate identity and business features.

And that's why it's possible with an individual website, we'll tell you further.

Individual design solves business problems.

Your business doesn't need a website for the website. You need the business to grow and prosper, and website has to work for this prosperity. And a competent design, designed to meet your needs, will solve the set business challenges.

Difference from competitors

Your company is a unique creation. Say biologically, with its own set of genes and features, because of which you choose customers.
You need to be different to be chosen. You need to be different, so that you were remembered and were returned to you. No template will give you such opportunity.

Wow effect: you look expensive - you sell expensive

You have a catastrophically little time to grab the attention of the potentional buyer. 2-3 seconds, and if doesn't "ring any bells", then all - you gave him to your competitors. People make decisions with emotions, and only then rationalize their decision with rational factors. Effective design can impress the client even before he had time to think about your proposal. And it must be used.

Convenient use - higher conversion

A competent design helps your site in order to be pleasant and easy to work with. The visitor easily could find the necessary information. But the main thing is different. A well-designed design "guides" the visitor in the right direction and leads to a targeted action. And it increases the conversion of the site and the efficiency of the business.

The best behavioral factors

The increase in behavioral factors is a direct consequence of the previous paragraph. What does it mean? The fact that the visitor is on the site longer, scans more pages, performs the targeted action (leaves an application, calls, comments).
These indicators are becoming more important for search engines to determine the quality of your site.

Saving on promotion

We came to the financial side. It's not enough to create a website. You have to constantly work on it, including promoting it in the search engines.
If the design of the site is designed correctly, users behave as you need, then the search engines will increase the value of the site and put it higher in the search result. And it means that you can save on promotion. 

So now you know, what advantages individual webdevelopment gives you for business. You can save and choose a template site (in this case you will often have to adjust to it) or allocate a larger budget and create a truly working tool for your business. The choice is yours!